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Welcome to Joun Law Office

At Joun Law Office, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of people who have been accused of crimes. We are also dedicated to enforcing the rights of people who have been injured by those entrusted to protect us. Police and other government officials sometimes make mistakes; at other times, they abuse their power. Whatever the situation, we can help. Hopefully, in the process, we are able to restore some of the trust that is lost by these incidents.

If you or someone you know has been or is about to be charged with a crime, it is very important that you consult with a trusted Massachusetts criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your legal rights need to be protected from the very beginning. Click Boston Criminal Lawyer to contact us now. We offer a free consultation on every case. After listening to your concerns, if we accept your case, we will begin working on solutions for you. Attorney Joun has represented clients in state and federal courts in Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, Worcester and throughout Massachusetts.

Philosophy at Joun Law Office

Attorney Myong J. Joun’s philosophy is, “You can’t do them all and do them well.” In order to serve his clients at the highest levels, Attorney Joun limits his practice areas to just three fields of law: criminal defense, police misconduct and employee rights. He also limits the number of cases he will accept in order to ensure that maximum time and attention are given to each of his clients and their matters.

The second maxim of Attorney Joun is, “No two cases are alike.” Despite the fact that over the years he has handled hundreds of cases, Attorney Joun prides himself for preparing each case as if it were his only case, tailoring defenses unique to each individual case and considering all possible defenses.

Lastly, Attorney Joun believes that “Building the best criminal defense is a good offense.” Too many lawyers rely on obtaining evidence from the prosecutor to decide how to build a defense. This “evidence” was collected to prove the defendant’s guilt by local and state police departments who conducted the investigation for the District Attorney’s Office. Attorney Joun understands that his client’s innocence must also be equally investigated. He has his own team of private investigators, medical experts and forensics experts who will fully investigate and document evidence that will benefit his clients. Attorney Joun assigns his investigators to locate and re-interview witnesses, canvass neighborhoods, obtain surveillance tapes, do background checks of key prosecution witnesses, and identify and locate evidence to corroborate his client’s version of the events.

Attorney Joun’s philosophy has given him a well-deserved reputation for providing the highest-quality individual representation with superior legal advocacy to his clients. In each of the last three years, 2009-2011, Attorney Joun has been selected as a Boston Magazine Super Lawyers “Rising Star” as a Boston criminal defense lawyer. No more than 2 ½ percent of the lawyers in the state are named to the list. Attorney Joun is also rated 10.0 out of a possible 10.0 by Avvo, an on-line directory where former clients and other lawyers rate and review lawyers to assist others looking to hire one.

Attorney Myong Joun represents clients in state and federal courts in all the Boston Municipal Courts and District Courts in Cambridge, Chelsea, Lowell, Quincy, Lynn, Brockton, Worcester and throughout Massachusetts For a list of all the courts in which Attorney Joun appears on behalf of his clients, CLICK HERE.

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